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Black Women’s Wellness Conference
















PLTC will be in attendance at the 1st Annual Black Women’s Wellness Conference! This conference will focus on the mental, physical, and overall well-being of Black women and girls and will provide specific resources, coping strategies, and education.

PLTC will be one of the local mental health agencies presenting about our services and Black women’s mental health. Click here for more information and conference tickets.


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MLK Jr. Day of Service


Positive Living Treatment Center was present at City Year’s Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service! The day of service took place on Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 16th, 2017. City Year hosted a Mental Health and Wellness Fair as part of the day.


PLTC had a table at the Fair providing information about our services, increasing awareness surrounding mental health and wellness, and partnering with City Year in their efforts to create a healthier New Orleans community!

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NO NEW JAIL – Update!

No New Jail Flyer-page-001.jpg

Positive Living Treatment Center was present at the No New Jail vigil and press conference held by the Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition (OPPRC) on Thursday, December 1st. This was the date that Gary Maynard was supposed to decide whether to build a new jail to house “special populations” — however, because of the efforts of concerned New Orleanians, he pushed the decision date back to January 3rd! This is a major victory but the fight is not yet over. We need to make a concerted effort to ensure they understand that we do NOT want a new jail being built! We need to keep our momentum up until the date of the new decision.

Check out our Nurse Manager and Administrator, Terry Mogilles, speaking at the No New Jail Press Conference below:


More information is contained in this Advocate article:


Keep up the fight for adequate mental health care in New Orleans!

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead

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Positive Living Treatment Center will be at the NO NEW JAIL Overnight Vigil — fighting to protect the rights of “special populations” (including those with mental illness) from this new jail! $54 million in FEMA funds would be better served to implement concrete laws and policies to protect those with mental illness (including developing long-term care facilities) rather than building a new jail to incarcerate the mentally ill!

We at PLTC strongly believe that people with mental illness deserve the support they need to recover. Building a new jail to house “special populations” will only increase the rate of incarceration of those with mental illness. Prisons are already the largest mental health providers in the United States. We want to put an end to this cycle and advocate for the development of facilities that actually care for and support folks with mental illness rather than incarcerate and further isolate them. We propose the construction of a long-term, residential psychiatric facility in lieu of the new jail!

Come out and support!


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Parents Retreat!

Positive Living Treatment Center (PLTC) offered a Parents Retreat last Sunday to support and celebrate the importance of self-care in parenting. PLTC offers ongoing programming aimed at building skills and promoting resilience in New Orleans caregivers. The Parents Retreat was not only a one-time event to benefit a small group of overworked parents — but rather the initiation of an ongoing and intensive effort to promote systemic change in New Orleans families. Here at PLTC, we understand that caring for a child with mental illness can be a taxing and difficult task. Parents of all children have difficulty taking time out of their day to care for themselves, rest, and rejuvenate. We wanted to provide a relaxing environment and space for parents to do just that.


yourimage (1)

On Sunday, August 7th we hosted a day-long retreat for parents of our clients, with childcare and transportation included. We offered beauty services free of charge including manicures, pedicures, hair styling, and massages. Additionally, we provided parenting workshops, homework help guidelines, and skills for stress management to support parents at home.



Check out this WDSU article on the retreat!

This is our first event in a series of initiatives to support parents across the greater New Orleans area. We will keep you updated with upcoming parenting events through our website, Facebook, and Twitter!

*Faces blurred for confidentiality reasons.

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Support Group for Formerly Incarcerated Individuals!

PLTC is partnering with the Formerly Incarcerated Transitions (FIT) Clinic at Ruth U. Fertel Tulane Community Health Center (711 N. Broad St.) to provide a monthly support group for formerly incarcerated persons.

FIT Support Group Flyer-page-001 (1)


This will be a peer-run support group providing a safe environment for formerly incarcerated individuals to express their problems, ask for advice, and connect to others going through the same transition process.

FIT Clinic is the first clinic to provide transitional care for formerly incarcerated persons in Louisiana. FIT Clinic provides formerly incarcerated individuals with medical care, as well as connecting them to much-needed resources such as housing, mental healthcare, transportation, and employment opportunities. Reach out to Dr. Anjali Niyogi at (504) 609-3522 or aniyogi@tulane.edu to learn more.