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Parents Retreat!

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Positive Living Treatment Center (PLTC) offered a Parents Retreat last Sunday to support and celebrate the importance of self-care in parenting. PLTC offers ongoing programming aimed at building skills and promoting resilience in New Orleans caregivers. The Parents Retreat was not only a one-time event to benefit a small group of overworked parents — but rather the initiation of an ongoing and intensive effort to promote systemic change in New Orleans families. Here at PLTC, we understand that caring for a child with mental illness can be a taxing and difficult task. Parents of all children have difficulty taking time out of their day to care for themselves, rest, and rejuvenate. We wanted to provide a relaxing environment and space for parents to do just that.


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On Sunday, August 7th we hosted a day-long retreat for parents of our clients, with childcare and transportation included. We offered beauty services free of charge including manicures, pedicures, hair styling, and massages. Additionally, we provided parenting workshops, homework help guidelines, and skills for stress management to support parents at home.



Check out this WDSU article on the retreat!

This is our first event in a series of initiatives to support parents across the greater New Orleans area. We will keep you updated with upcoming parenting events through our website, Facebook, and Twitter!

*Faces blurred for confidentiality reasons.


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