Positive Living Treatment Center

Providing emotional healing and mental health rehabilitation.

Family and Parenting

PLTC’s family and parenting services are specially designed for high-risk clients and families that may be experiencing situational difficulties. Evidence shows that child maltreatment and abuse decreases as parents strengthen bonds with their children and learn effective parenting skills.

The overall goals of our services are to:

  • Reduce problem behaviors and delinquency
  • Address addictions occurring within the family unit
  • Mitigate abusive behaviors

The staff at PLTC provide the training and support necessary to ensure the engagement and active participation of families in the treatment process as well as the ongoing implementation and reinforcement of skills learned throughout the treatment process.

Our services include:

  • Culturally specific parenting strategies
  • Basic parenting and discipline skills, including:
    • Effective praise
    • Dealing with tantrums and acting out
    • Use of positive affirmation and incentives
  • Single parenting services
  • Dealing with substance abuse
  • Addressing grief and loss within the family
  • Assisting children with incarcerated parents